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Posted: October 18, 2017
ssd chemicals solution for black notes. Welcome to ssd laboratory Home to a range of SSD Solution Chemicals. We would take this opportunity to welcome you to our official website, where we give you quality chemicals developed with you in mind and at heart. We have seen the need for quality industrial chemicals giving you laboratory quality grade as show on the picture below, we do one better we clean your black or stain money. The SSD solution in its full range is the BEST CHEMICAL on the market for cleaning Anti breeze bank notes, defaced currency, marked notes and the likes. You will be amazed by the power and rapidity of this CHEMICAL. It is capable of cleaning notes currency with BREEZE capacity. We do have all the liters you may need. Contact at mogankriss36@gmail.com ยป for assistance PRODUCTS AVAILABLE: SSD SOLUTION SSD SUPREME SOLUTION SSD UNIVERSAL SOLUTION SSD SOLUTION PK 58 CONSERVATION, ACTIVATION AND RE-ACTIVATION, PARACIENT POWDER VECTROL PASTE, ZUTA S4, CASTROX OXIDE T   more
Cape Town
Posted: October 2, 2017