The Headless Way With Richard Lang Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, 9&10; June 2018 Seeing Who You Really Are This workshop is a refreshingly modern way of discovering who you really are – the boundless, timeless awareness that is everyone’s True Self In the workshop you will be guided through awareness exercises that invite you to notice the difference between what you are for others, your appearance, and what you are for yourself, your reality. You are not required to believe or image in anything. As amazing as it sounds, all you are asked to do is look. What a treasure you find when you look: All things are within you. Come to the workshop and discover this beautiful, deep truth about yourself. And then go on rediscovering who you really are in your daily life, whenever you choose. Richard Lang first saw who he really was in a workshop with the English philosopher Douglas Harding in 1970. Since then he has devoted his life to Seeing, and to shar   more
Posted: February 8, 2018