$0.00   Backpack/Bookbag
My khaki-coloured backpack was taken from an establishment on Barrington Street last night (19 Sept). It contains items that are essential for my studies (physics textbook, all of my class notes, assignments, etc.), as well as a few tools, my passport, and other things that I would really like to have back. If anyone sees this bag, please let me know. It's a khaki-coloured L.L. Bean bag. See the website link for an image of what it looks like.   more
Posted: September 20, 2017
Today (Saturday, August 12) I found a life jack or life vest in Dartmouth, if you believe it's yours please provide details about the vest (like brand, size, age, and the name of the person written on it) then I will contact you, for you to come and get it. Thank you.   more
Posted: August 12, 2017